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Sthira Yoga

Yoga school in Goa, India
Do you value Peace?
Do you like the concept of unconditional and uninterrupted Joy?
Do you want to learn, practice and teach authentic and traditional Yoga?
Do you want to learn and integrate all aspects of Yoga?
Are you interested in Self-Realization?
Are you serious about emotional empowerment?
......... if yes, then you are in the right place!


Yoga Teacher Training Courses

2023 - 24
Goa India

  • 200 hours Ashtanga & Vinyasa 

  • 300 hours Advanced Vinyasa Flow 

  • 60 hours Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra  

  • 60 hours Breathwork & Meditation for Anxiety, Stress and Insecurity 

  • 60 hours Preventive healthcare & well-being (Ayurveda, Mantra & Mudra)

  • 60 hours Ashtanga & Yoga Nidra  Immersion

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A Flower & Honey Bees


Flowers represent beauty, vulnerability and fragrance.

The process of blooming is natural to a flower.  

Our true nature is much like a flower; beautiful and joyful. 

Honey bees work hard gathering honey (the essence) of flowers from everywhere.

The bees work together without damage to the flower


assist the flower in cross pollination.
It is Nature in harmony.

We can have the attitude of a honey bee in experiencing our true nature.

Like honey bees, we can live and let live, gathering the best from everything

without hurting or damaging anything. 



Our Commitment To Society

Life is to live, love and relate. Life is beautiful but living is beset with difficulties and harsh realities.


Tattiriya Upanishad says: Give with love, donate with reverence and contribute with humility.


We are lucky to support these causes that  are dear to our heart. Prajwala is a pioneering anti-trafficking organization working on the issue of sex trafficking and sex crime. Dr. Sunitha Krishnan  is doing the most amazing, most difficult and most noble form of social service. 

Presently we are working with couple of animal care & welfare organisations in Goa and in Tiruvannamalai. We are in the process of identifying authentic organisations to fund them on a more regular basis. 

We are reaching out to a few other organizations to support these causes. 

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