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Michael Hughes

I have had the pleasure of learning from Sudhir at a 200-HR YTTC, 30-HR Pranayama, 30-HR Meditation, 50-HR Philosophy, and a retreat in Portugal. Sudhir is most excellent! Kimber (another teacher I studied with who is part of Sthira Yoga) is most excellent too!
What I have learned from the above t

Tiffany Jackson

I am so lucky to know this positive man. He taught me to question everything, given me tools to explore to cope and encouraged me in my yoga learning. Thank you Sudhir for everything. Your smiling face is such a joy.


I would like to say again how much I have enjoyed Sudhir’s teachings. Having taken part in both meditation and Philosophy course, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn from you. The philosophy course has really blown my mind and really made me think long and hard, I feel like so many me

Sarah Wilkinson

I feel so much gratitude for having had the wonderful Sudhir as my guru, guide and teacher in India. He taught us so much in such a short space of time in these courses. Something I can come back to again and again. This has allowed me to approach life’s difficulties with love and grace, time and ag

Claire Naisby

Sudhir is a great teacher: welcoming, open minded and inspiring. I am hugely grateful to be able to continue to learn from Sudhir from across the world. His teachings have taught me so much about how we can view and work with the world, ourselves and others in order to accept, reduce suffering and u

Marta Caroti

I had the luck to meet Sudhir in Agonda during my teacher training. From the very beginning I loved his classes and satsangs, the way he shares his knowledge and the light but deep approach he has towards any kind of topic.
He has always been available to answer my questions and to share more about

Roxy Caicedo

Listening to you so much over the last month through all your online courses, I now dream in your voice. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom. It is priceless. I am RYT-500 and a full-time yoga teacher. I highly recommend Sudhir and Veena’s courses to all yoga teachers and students. I am planning to j

Emily Cordes

I want to express my gratitude to you and Veena for running these courses. It was so special to be able to take part in it. I learned so much and am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Cordelia Simpson

Sudhir taught me Indian Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation my teacher training. I learnt so so much, that life gift I will be eternally grateful for and have changed my life for the better forever.

This lead me to take his online courses. After being introduced to new breathing techniques this

Mike Watson

Authentic, practical, uplifting, joyful!
I did the 30 Hour online Advanced Pranayama Course and very happy with everything about the course. As a 200hr Yoga Teacher I already learnt the basics in pranayama but this course offers so much in taking pranayama to another level both for personal practi