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The very basis of living is TRUST. Without trust, one can feel lost, confused and disconnected.

At some point in our lives we have that "gut-feeling". This is a sign or message from Totatlity, through what some refer to as our Higher Self or God Self, and is a deeper knowing to what our ego mind can know. This feeling is to be trusted, regardless of how the mind may try to talk you out of it. As we cultivate more trust to this feeling, or our true Self, we become more in tune with our truest nature. As this connection to the Self strengthens, it becomes easier for us to trust in Totality and have the discernment of trust with those around us, whether family, friends, peers or others. It begins with trusting Totality, the process and the Self. Strategies and practices to build trust:

  • Keep to your word and follow through with action: remember it is difficult to trust / be trusted if your own words and actions are out of alignment

  • Communicate effectively: Being able to consciously communicate your experiences, expectations with others clears confusions. Communicate clearly and often.

  • Meditate on Trust: sit quietly and reflect on trusting Totality, remembering that if you are breathing, you are supported by all that is.

  • Take time: give adequate time and thought to decisions rather than acting too quickly. Remember, it takes time to build and earn trust.

  • Gratitude: Cultivate and express gratitude for the relationships you have and be wary of taking them for granted.

  • Give yourself a break: remember that not everyday is all "rainbows and roses", and that's okay! Take a a deep breath and know you can always begin again.

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