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Positive Spirit

When everything around us is unsettling, expectations are failing, trust is breached, business is not going the way we want it and something challenging is going on in the family, can we still maintain a Positive Spirit ? If we can, then we can ride all these waves !

Hundreds of inspiring examples can be found all over the world to motivate and inspire us. Positive spirit alone can help us tide over all the challaenges of life. Positive Spirit triggers positive energy and this will take care of everything. I invite you to cultivate Positive Spirit / Positive Frame of Mind.

  • Quieten your mind - Sit comfortably. Take a few minutes to practice deep breathing and centering your mind on the present moment before beginning this exercise. Diaphragmatic breathing or yogic breathing will help.

  • 5 mins of deep breathing : 5 mins of conscious deep breathing.

  • Count your blessings : Gratitude helps in positive frame of mind and it improves health and longevity.

  • Listening and Watching : Listen and watch your inner conversation. Recognize the positive and negative self talk.

  • Repeat Positive : Mentally repeat positive affirmations.

  • Observe : Observe how you feel when you are around positive people and how you feel when you are around people who talk and think negative. Positive will replenish energy. Negative drains.

  • Give time to yourself everyday. 20 mins twice daily. This will be your meditation. Do not practice more. Over doing is counter productive.

  • Enjoy being with yourself. Your body, emotions, thoughts, feelings and moods. Spend 5 mins everyday smiling.

  • Journal for 5 mins everyday.

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