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Perspectives & Reflection

I would like to recommend the theme "Perspectives & Reflection" for this month (and maybe the coming months). A lot is going on outside and inside. Many people are suffering in various ways: sickness, loss of jobs and subsequent difficulties, insecurity, anxiety and above all the uncertainty of the future. This is the time to have different "Perspectives" on life and death, the purpose of life, meaning of life, crisis situations, methods to face a crisis, emotional dilemmas, the meaning of relationships, happiness and joy, success and failure and so on. We are always caught up in "doing", and constantly in the high gears of "go, go, go." At this time, The Nature is commanding us to "Reflect". We are forced into isolation, to pause and are given ample time to reflect. Earlier when it was advised to "Reflect" many people simply laughed at it. Now Nature has cornered us and is not giving any other choice. Examples for a different perspective:

  1. All this is helping in reducing the environmental pollution. Rivers are clearing and the air pollution is at the lowest it has been for decades.

  2. All this will help humanity to become more humane.

  3. This whole crisis is a blessing in disguise.

  4. The present situation is like brakes being applied by the Nature to humanity.

  5. This situation is an opportunity to grow.

  6. I have more time for myself to learn new skills and try new projects.

  7. There is a meaning behind whatever is happening.

  8. The treatments and methods employed by the present governments are nothing but different perspectives of who are making them.

  9. There are better ways of dealing with this present situation.

  10. There is a higher purpose for whatever is happening now. .

  11. This will help us to become stronger and more humble.

  12. This is to remind us that we are part of the Nature and not the boss of the Nature. We need to follow the Universal Laws and cannot violate.

We can have positive or negative perspectives. Both have their role, but consciously we need to focus on positive perspectives. The advantage of having different perspectives and reflection is that we can wriggle out of a difficult situation and learn about ourselves at the same time. The crisis won't break us down. We may be hurt but not broken. We can all come out strong. Strategies and practices to develop "Perspectives & Reflection":

  • Practice Yoga daily at least 60 mins. We have plenty of time these days, let's put it to use and develop strong positive habits!

  • Practice Pranayama daily minimum 20 mins. Yoga and pranayama are extremely important during this time. Pranayama is most important to improve and strengthen the respiratory system. It will also help to alleviate stress and anxiety which weaken the immune system. (Very soon I am intending to launch a 21 day Free Pranayama challenge and I am thinking of going Live everyday to encourage and inspire our tribe!)

  • Dedicate specific time everyday to reflect. Routines are very important when we are in lock down and we have lot of extra time Using this time to reflect on the state of the mind and body will build a strong positive habit.

  • Flip your perspective. Every time you are anxious or worried, ask yourself "Can I look at this situation differently?" "Is it necessary to be so anxious?" "Can I deal with this differently?"

  • Journal daily. Journaling your reflections will provide you with written evidence of your progress through this time. Also, writing in and of itself will allow you to release any left over tension in the mind and create more space for peace and joy.

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