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Patience is the need of the hour! Without patience, one can feel lost, frustrated, confused and disconnected.

At some point in our lives we have that "gut-feeling". This is a sign or message from Totality, through what some refer to as our Higher Self or God Self, and is a deeper knowing to what our ego mind can know. This feeling is to be trusted, regardless of how the mind may try to talk you out of it. Then just have patience! Patience is a great quality. It activates parasympathetic NS. Patience protects the inner wealth of peace. Patience reduces blood pressure, heartbeat and oxygen intake. Improves immunity. Long back, I posted number of podcasts on patience. When you have time, please listen to them. Practices to build Patience:

  • Patience needs patience : Its a paradox. But it's true. Patience demands patience.

  • Contemplate on Mother Earth : Mother earth symbolizes patience, love, compassion and giving! Meditate and imbibe those qualities.

  • Catch yourself losing patience : Watchfulness and catching oneself red-handed losing patience without judging oneself plays a big role.

  • Learn to smile: Learning to smile when you feel frustrated will be a game changer.

  • Develop value for patience: If we recognize the value of patience and the price for losing patience, we will start developing patience.

  • Stay with boring things: Practice to stay with boring things or situations or practices.

  • Deep belly breathing: When you lose your cool, go for deep abdominal breathing. You can add counting to it. Do this for at least 3 to 5 mins.

  • Remember animals and birds : Observe animals (except monkeys) and their patience when they are waiting for their prey.

  • Change your perspective : Understand that patience is a strength and not a weakness. Patience needs effort. Patience is a sign of strength. Changing your perspective about patience makes it easy to develop patience.

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