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For a quick recap and summary of what i said there in my last post Reflect & Reset : To review your week, assess your progress against your positive qualities list and make changes where necessary to steer your life in the direction you desire. Some of these might be quantifiable goals (Daily yoga and meditation) and others may be qualitative (building self love and patience). Why weekly? We all know how quickly time flies! As we set a weekly schedule to review, we can see how time is progressing and while we may "waste" a few days here and there not doing as we planned. With this weekly review we will not waste months or even the whole year. this helps to keep us in check and on schedule for a Joyful 2020.

  • Choose a quiet place.

  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes.

  • Breathe.

  • Recall the last week.

  • Journal.

  • Appreciate. Spend time appreciating the positives of the past week, allowing yourself to sit in the good feeling of knowing your progress.

  • Reset.

  • Gratitude. Relish in gratitude for yourself and others in the path of self work, and remember to always "enjoy the process".

It becomes the basis for this month. MOTIVATION. Motivate yourself to stick to your daily routine.

  • Visualize yourself as what you want to be. Contemplate on the benefits and how it changes the quality of life.

  • Long term Goals. Don't be in a rush. Prepare yourself for a longer innings. Do not plan for one week or one month. Plan for 2 years ahead. Nature is always organic. It takes time. We took 9 months to come to this world. It took sometime for us to sit and stand. Some more time to walk and run. Some time to talk. We can not hurry them up beyond a point. Be patient.

  • Nothing goes waste. Always remember that every step you take on the way is taking you closer to your destination. Karma will catch you. LOL !

  • Avoid taking steps in the opposite direction. Do not do things which will harm you.

  • Take support : When you can not walk, take support. Nothing wrong. It is the sign of intelligence. When you are feeling less motivated, take the support of your partner, friends or family members who will support you at that time.

  • Motivate with Joy. Always remember that JOY IS MY NATURE. Try to do things with joy.

  • Trust yourself and the journey.

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