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Let us focus on "lightness". It is often easy to get caught up in focusing on the "heavier" side of life. This comes mostly from learned habit and the hard-wiring of the Sympathetic Nervous System attempting to keep us out of harm. The brain and body remember negative experiences much easier and stronger in an attempt to self protect. This is simply in our basic programming. However, we have been gifted the freedom to re-programme! We can overcome this patterning by continuing to direct our focus on the "lighter" aspects of life. It is spring time in the Northern Hemisphere, where birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and bringing more warmth! We are experiencing cleaner air and waterways, and families are able to spend more quality time together than ever before! Elsewhere too, the Nature is beautiful in it's own season. Take a moment and look around now. Find three things that bring that beautiful smile on your face. Perhaps a loved one is nearby, maybe you see the sun shining outside, maybe you can hear the loving calls of Nature. There is Joy all around, if we want to see! Throughout the month of May, I challenge you to continually commit to finding the lightness within each day. By turning your attention again and again to the lighter side, you will train your mind to look for this aspect in things. Tips for focusing on the lighter side of life:

  1. Gratitude. Grab a journal and list 5 things you are grateful for each day. Try and commit to the same time each day (upon waking or before sleep) to make this a habit.

  2. Joyful Walk. Each day take a walk around your area and note the things that bring you joy, big or small. This again will train your mind to look for pieces of joy throughout your life.

  3. Laugh! Spend a few minutes in the mirror (or not) and just laugh! Enjoy a joke! Notice how within a short amount of time this laughter turns genuine and brightens your mood. Laughter releases dopamine within the brain (the same reward chemical we get from social media notifications) which creates a sense of euphoria.

  4. #joyismynature! Share your joyful moments by posting a picture or comment of joyful experiences with others. Not only is sharing a form of caring, but a way to continue to unite and uplift each other in our community. Use #joyismynature or tag me and let's encourage the flow of joy around the internet!

  5. Meditate. Continue your daily practices of meditation and movement to stay grounded and aligned with your true nature (JOY!).

We can have positive or negative perspectives. Both have their role, but consciously let us continue to focus on the lighter, more positive aspects within our days, weeks, months and life.

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