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Growing in Silence ~ Part 3

Period of consolidation and unfoldment : My third week of Silence

As I already mentioned, observing silence is a journey. A dynamic journey. No two days will be the same. No two practices will be same. Though I practiced silence many times before, each time it was different.

After tuning into collective consciousness and experiencing the pain of animals and other living beings for more than week, suddenly calm descended on me. There was a complete sense of quietness and tranquility. Number of thoughts, speed of thoughts and intensity of thoughts reduced significantly. There was a deep sense of dispassion (Vairagya). I lost all interest to do or achieve anything. This was not new to me. I used to have this once in a way. That's how I was able to give up my job and career to become a monk. But each time dispassion takes over, it transfoms the soul. This time it made me more "Mellowed", "Humble" and "Grateful". Having experienced the pain of other living beings, I became extremely grateful for everything I have and don't have. Then I realized, why scriptures talk about being humble, non-arrogant and grateful. People normally mistake this. These qualities do not mean lack of strength. A humble and non-arrogant person can fight for a just cause. One can work for a goal and achieve things. Humility, Non-arrogance and Being Grateful are not signs of weakness. They are signs of Satva quality. (Satva Guna). Satva guna always helps us to be balanced and peacefully energising.

In this period I experienced neither disturbance nor excitement. It was one of peace. I coukd feel the Prescence and was able to be with nature more directly. Not many thoughts while seeing or listening. No inner verbalization and chatter. Just experiencing. This was a very beautiful phase. It was as though the totality was rewarding me for being silent for two weeks.

Observe what happens when you are watching the nature, say the beach or trees or woods or a bird or a flower. There will be a lot of inner chatter and conversation. For example when we see a flower it starts with the generic name and then it's botanical name, season of flowering and moves on to comparison, finally ends with I like it or I don't like it. Why so much of verbalization? Just watch and be with the flower.

Inner silence is super powerful. If we can be silent even for a few minutes daily, it will powerfully kick start our para sympathetic nervous system. It will take us deep into ourselves. It will remove all the obstacles from our source. Inner silence is very essential to experience that "Joy is our nature". We need to stop "Doing" and "Stay Silent" at least for a few minutes daily.

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