Unique Yoga Teacher training online 100 hours + Yoga teacher training intensive in person 

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100 hr Online


Our 100 hr online foundational Yoga Training is a 3 week program that provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the foundational practices of yoga, in Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles. Students of all levels are welcome.  This  is ideal for those who want to practice from the comfort and safety of their home, at their own pace.  The course material is available to you for one year, you can keep re-visiting the material and practice. 

If you are not interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then you can stop with this 100hr training. This course will prepare you with all the necessary tools to be a confident yoga practitioner, while learning to become your own teacher.

 If you like to become a yoga teacher, you can attend our 100hr in-person training and complete your 200 hr certification.  

What does this program offer?    

  • Learn most of the Ashtanga Primary series

  • Daily practice of Vinyasa flows

  • Learning correct alignment for the most common yoga postures 

  • Learn how to practice yoga by yourself 

  • Enjoy detailed breakdowns of complex postures, transitions, and movements

  • Learn how to create your own Vinyasa yoga sequences 

  • Cultivate basic teaching skills 

  • Learn fundamental yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama)

  • Develop a regular meditation practice

  • Learn introduction to Yoga Philosophy and It’s application in life

  • Explore the basics of human anatomy


Basic requirements

This 100-hour online yoga training is open for all  yoga practitioners and encourages beginners. The applicant should be in good physical and mental condition. Open mind and the eagerness to learn are important to learn. The applicant need to have a basic English language understanding as the course is in English. 


The online 100hour- curriculum led by Sthira yoga teachers team is designed to broaden your practice and teach you:

  • The foundations of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga

  • Yoga Philosophy based on the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

  •  Different breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Meditation. 


Simultaneously you will:

  • Practice Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga every day

  • Learn the basic concepts of Yoga Anatomy

  • The secrets of how to create specific Vinyasa yoga classes

  • Loads of Yoga Teaching techniques

  • Proper asana alignment, modifications, and adjusting techniques.


Curriculum : 

  • Ashtanga Primary Series

  • Vinyasa Flows

  • Sequencing and teaching of simple Vinyasa flows

  • Alignment and Adjustments of important postures

  • Discussions on possible injuries 

  • Strategies to avoid common mistakes

  • Basics of Anatomy

  • Basics of Pranayama (Breathing Practices)

  • Basics of Meditation

  • Regular practice of Pranayama and Meditation

  • History of Yoga

  • Meaning and purpose of Yoga

  • Core and application of Yoga Philosophy

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali 

  • Introduction to 8 limbs


 Course Structure :

  • Pre-recorded classes both theory and practice 

Of Ashtanga Primary Series, Vinyasa flows, Pranayama,

Meditation, Anatomy, Alignments and Adjustments, Philosophy

all sequenced in the order of days from Day 1 to Day 21

  • Live Q&A sessions on the weekends 

Live sessions of Vinyasa Flow Teaching

Live workshops on weekends on Chaturanga, Head Stand and 

Flexibility drills for the practice of Splits

Q&A sessions on Pranayama and Meditation

Q&A on Yoga Philosophy

Q&A on Anatomy, Alignments and Adjustments

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100 hr In-Person

  • 11 nights of accommodation in the selected room

  • Three delecious vegetarian meals per day during the entire duration of the course including Sunday

  • Filter water, tea and coffee all day long

  • Yoga material PDF

  • Wireless internet

  • 200-hr Certificate approved by Yoga Alliance

Start Date
End Date
Fee Details :
Corfu, Greece
Price (Euros)
Early Bird
Advance Amount

      1848 Euros (ONLINE + IN-PERSON / shared room)

      1998 Euros (ONLINE + IN-PERSON / single room)

DEPOSIT: 599 Euros*

*Including the price for the ONLINE TTC (399 Euros) + the reservation for the IN-PERSON TTC (200 Euros)

IMPORTANT: Considering the COVID situation, In case the IN-PERSON TTC can't take place from 20th June, we have the following options:

OPTION A: The dates will be postponed to a better time and you have already a reserved spot on the IN-PERSON TTC on this later date

OPTION B: If you can't join the in-person TTC because of timing difficulties, you will have the choice of asking for a refund* of 200 Euros

*Refund: You will receive the same amount of money after a deduction of the PayPal commission charges

OPTION C: If we cant conduct the in-person course at all this year, we will conduct another 100 hr ONLINE TTC to complete your 200 hr TTC.

The price for this online TTC will be only 400 Euros of which you would have already paid 200 Euro for the reservation fee of the in-Person TTC.  By paying additionally 200 Euros you can complete the YOGA ALLIANCE CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER TRAINING*.

*Kindly note these are our solutions for this extreme situation.  We do our best to make sure everything work out the way it is planned.

  • 100hr Training

  • Accommodation of your choice 

  • All vegetarian meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking water 

  • PDF of the course manual 

  • Internet facility

  • Certification 

  • Cushions, bolsters and straps

  • Basic yoga mats *


     *participants are advised to bring their own yoga mats. 



Andriana Apartments is an apartment complex located on Corfu Island, one of the most iconic Greek islands, sometimes called the "Monaco of Greece".


The unique mythical heritage, traditional charm, lush landscapes, breath-taking beaches, and crystal-clear seas make it one of the most glamorous and sought-after destinations in Greece.


Here you will feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. 

Andriana is nestled in beautifully maintained tropical gardens just 100 meters from sun-kissed golden beaches of the Ionian Sea.


You can spend free time resting in breezy hammocks, enjoy access to the neighboring hotel's pool or hit the beach in less than 2 minutes walking distance


The nearby beach of Aghios Georgios is sandy, long and has won the Blue Flag Award as an indication of its high environmental and quality standards.


Further down, only 15 minutes of walking, you can visit the sand dunes that gained fame in one of James Bond's movies and you can also do water sports.


Adriana's husband can teach you all the water sports you desire. 

Direct flight to Corfu's airport:

Corfu is located in the Ionian Islands, off the northwestern coast of Greece. Domestic and international flights can be booked directly to Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport (CFU), Corfu’s International Airport. The airport is located 31 km away from Andriana Retreat Center.


From the airport, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Andriana. A taxi from the airport to the yoga center costs 50 Euros (The cost can be shared and it's the same, no matter if there is one person in the taxi or four persons).


The retreat center offers single and shared twin accommodations.


Single: private bedroom with 1 double bed, shared bathroom with a second person in an apartment.


Shared Twin: 2 single beds in a studio

All rooms include a thermostatic air conditioning unit, a fully equipped kitchenette, an en-suite bathroom with rain shower, a small but powerful hairdryer, and spacious balconies with either sea or garden view.


Guests can enjoy free internet access in the breakfast area and mostly in all the rooms.


Facility includes amazing yoga shals both indoor and outdoor and also Yoga on th beach on specially made wooden boards.  

Breakfasts will be served daily at Andriana who prepares it herself, making jams from her own fruits, various pies every day, and delicious vegan chocolate cakes. 😋 


Light lunches and dinners will be served at Kafesas local taverna, 50 meters from the yoga center, where students will enjoy fresh vegetarian meals with sea view. 


The owner of the restaurant strictly chooses only vegetables that are locally grown on the island and not only that, but he is very picky with the ingredients he buys. This means that you will have the best ingredients served on your plate every single day.

For additional information, please visit :