"To smile is your birthright"
- Sudhir

Joy Is My Nature

 Do you want to move into Peace?

Do you like the concept of unconditional and uninterrupted Joy? 

Are you curious to enquire about Truth? 

Are you interested in Self-Realization?

Are you serious about empowering yourself?

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'Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow".'

This man, this beautiful soul, my dear friend... Sudhir Rishi

Thank you for sharing your kindness, wisdom and 'whispers'. There were many seeds planted during our time together to list them all here; but ultimately you taught me that to spread happiness, we first must be happy.

Laura Gwilliam


Flower Logo_w_text_TransBckgrd_Lrg.png


Flowers represent beauty, vulnerability and fragrance.

The process of blooming is natural to a flower.  

Our true nature is much like a flower; beautiful and joyful. 

Honey bees work hard gathering honey (the essence) of flowers
from everywhere. 
The bees work together without damage to the flower, and assist the flower in cross pollination.
It is Nature in harmony.

We can have the attitude of a honey bee in experiencing our true nature.

Like honey bees, we can live and let live, gathering the best from everything without hurting or damaging anything.